Growth. Rap. Community.

Rhyme Masters of beats, rhymes, and life.

The rising rapper’s best-kept secret.

You might be just starting and struggling with your rap career,

Or… you might have made it big and racked thousands of views…

No matter where you are in your rapping journey,

There’s one thing you know for sure….

That, there’s more to rap than money

Rap is about music.

Hip Hop Culture.



But most importantly, it is about a COMMUNITY.



And, that’s why, at Rhyme Masters, we think beyond payday.

We foster PERSONAL GROWTH by providing rappers the resources and support they need to develop and hone their skills.

We nurture CONFIDENCE in rappers by giving them the opportunities they can’t find elsewhere.

We rap with a PURPOSE to connect emotionally.

We focus on GROWTH that expands our vision, improves our lives, and makes rap our lifelong mission.

In short…

We make life BETTER, rap EASIER and the journey more FUN for our rapper community.

In a perfect world, 

rappers would create quality work, and be bound to SUCCEED. But every rapper faces challenges and failures down the road.

That’s why Rhyme Masters doesn’t just focus on building skills,

Or boosting confidence

We also focus on true fulfillment- which comes from an unyielding sense of PURPOSE.

And, building connections, so…

  • You don’t get discouraged thinking the rapping world is too crowded and too competitive.
  • You don’t get stuck when writing lyrics.
  • You don’t fear rejection and criticism.


You get access to the best resources to hone your skills.

You find opportunities to network and share your craft.

You earn the respect your art truly deserves.

When you understand that rapping is more than a hobby that pays your bills,

When you start focusing on the connections you build with your audience.

And the relationships you build with other rappers…

You will also move needles on the business side of your rapping career.

Rhyme Masters is for rappers like YOU.

So, you can become a confident, well-connected rapper who creates an impact and inspires growth.

We are ALWAYS there- You don’t have to start from scratch. You don’t have to do it alone. We have tried and tested the best practices that you need, and we are eager to share them with you.

Let’s make creating fun, again.

Here's what folks saying about our community

 I was at the point of thinking about hanging it up.

But now I flipped and I'm ready to keep moving forward with a different kind of vigor. So again, my brother, thank you so, so much.
I love the concept of being growth-minded, and I'm going to stick to it.

 So thank you so much.

Nomadic Oddysey


I've seen so much growth and development in my artistry

Under the Influence

Mega-dope bro!!! It feels good to have a spot that's not rated or people trying to be the G.O.A.T. we just create. The topics you come up with in the 4 bars add challenge, but make creating fun again.


Rhyme Masters is...

a growth rap community for passionate rappers who rap for LIFE.

  • We host weekly Master Rhyme Zoom Cyphers every Friday 8:30 PM - 10:30 PM PST* Crew Level Members Only
  • Daily Rap prompts These prompts will give you the inspiration (and practice) to spit lyrics that connect you to your audience emotionally.
  • Skills-Building Courses and Guides Get exclusive access to resources built by successful rappers to help you master your skills.
  • Community & Ongoing Support Become part of a rap practice community that supports your emcee journey.
  • with much more to come...

Stop rapping alone. Join the growth rap community for passionate rappers for life.

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