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Freestyle Blueprint
By the time you finish this master class on freestyle rapping, you’ll have the blueprint for the art of improvised rapping. We’re going to master rhythm, patterns, scheme, and reason so you can feel the joy of rapping anywhere and anytime you want. Imagine feeling inspired and dropping bars on the spot off the dome. [$200 Value]

Rap Writing Essentials
As you complete this rap writing transforming course, you’ll begin to realize the essential concepts for quality verse writing. We are going to solidify your understanding of syllable counting, end rhymes, and rhyme schemes so you can confidently write raps that you feel and want to share. What would that do for your creativity? [$200 Value]

Word Web: Spark Your Creativity
When you see this secret technique, you’ll have the cheat code for unlimited creative lines. You’re going to get 6 ways of generating ideas so you can feel creative and flow forever. Imagine never being stuck or having writer's block again. [$150 Value]

Rhyme Masters Crew-Only Space
As you level up and join the Rhyme Masters crew, you’ll get access to a Crew-Only space. You will engage with other dedicated Rhyme Masters so you can connect, collaborate, and grow together. Imagine being in a community with people who love to rap instead of a cut-throat competition.[$120 Value]

New Limited Bonus
A Free Growth Rap Mentor Session!

When you join Rhyme Master you get a 1-on-1 growth rap mentoring session with one of Rhyme Masters' Mentors. In our live 30 minutes virtual meeting we’re going to personalize feedback so that you conquer your unique rap challenges. What would direct guidance do for your growth rap practice?
 [$100 Value]

We foster PERSONAL GROWTH by providing rappers the resources and support they need to develop and hone their skills.

We nurture CONFIDENCE in rappers by giving them the opportunities they can’t find elsewhere.

We rap with a PURPOSE to connect emotionally.

We focus on GROWTH that expands our vision, improves our lives, and makes rap our lifelong mission.

In short…

We make life BETTER, rap EASIER and the journey more FUN for our rapper community.

Here's what folks saying about our community
 I was at the point of thinking about hanging it up.

But now I flipped and I'm ready to keep moving forward with a different kind of vigor. So again, my brother, thank you so, so much.
I love the concept of being growth-minded, and I'm going to stick to it.

 So thank you so much.

Nomadic Oddysey

I've seen so much growth and development in my artistry

Under the Influence
Mega-dope bro!!! It feels good to have a spot that's not rated or people trying to be the G.O.A.T. we just create. The topics you come up with in the 4 bars add challenge, but make creating fun again.


Frequently Asked Questions
What if I don’t know how to rap? Is Rhyme Masters for me?
If you love rap and want to learn, then Rhyme Masters is an encouraging space to learn how to rap. With the rap skills courses combined with the insights and guidance from the growth rap community, you will be rapping sooner and better than you can imagine.
Why pay to join this community when you can learn to rap for free online?
Great point. There are a lot of free how-to rap tutorials on the internet, and that’s part of the challenge. You may find it difficult to know where to begin, which can cost you time and energy. Not only would joining Rhyme Masters reduce the time and energy it takes to learn to rap we also provide a sense of belonging to a global growth rap community.
What if I’m not a rapper?
You don’t need to be a rapper to practice growth rap. The joy of rapping is everyone who chooses to do it. Since the focus of growth rap is mastering rap to master self, you pursue goals of creativity, self-awareness, and reflection (to name a few) instead of a rap career.
Should I join Rhyme Masters If I still want to make it big in rap?
That depends. If the only reason you are rapping is to gain a rap career then Rhyme Masters is NOT for you. But if love to rap and would rap regardless of career success then join us. Here’s the secret. Just like it’s hard to imagine an NBA player not loving the game of basketball. You have to love rap and sustain your motivation to rap to have a chance at making it, and Rhyme Masters can carry you through until you break through. Either way, you get a place where you are seen, heard, and valued for who you are.

If you're still on the fence, your first 30 days are Free. If it doesn't work or if you don't get the results you're after, just cancel your membership within 30 days of your purchase, and you will not be charged.