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Why Rapping alone sucks?

People who rap alone can feel ignored. They spend hours making verses, finding beats, and posting songs online, but no one listens. This is frustrating and discourages people who love to rap so they stop rapping.

Be heard and seen and keep your passion to rap alive.
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Have fun and meet people who love to rap from across the globe

Be confident rapping.
Improve your rap skills, rapping with people who encourage and give you thoughtful feedback.

Avoid rap burnout.
Running out of ideas is frustrating. Stay inspired to rap.

Grow your circle.
Rap with people from across the globe and expand your community of people who love to rap

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We don't just hear you. We want to see you win

  • We offer rap courses and coaching programs
  • 6,240 minutes of rapping together and growing.
  • 50k subscribers on Youtube and growing.
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How to master rap with us

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    Gain immediate access to the Rhyme Masters Network and the Rhyme Masters Crew Community.
  2. Introduce yourself.
    Receive a warm welcome for the members and meet some faces you will see rapping with you.
  3. You're in.
    Congrats! Master rap with us at the next event.
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Rapping for the love or the love of rap and music career

 we are designing Rhyme Masters Crew Community with you in mind.

All people who love to rap benefit from...

  • Increased Confidence
    When you receive real feedback and real encouragement from people who understand the rapping journey, then you increase your confidence to share and release your work. You believe in yourself.
  • Increased Motivation
    When you believe in yourself and your rap ability, then you are motivated to act. You write more verses. You make more music. You keep creating and expressing yourself.
  • Increased Skills
    When you rap more in the Rhyme Masters Crew Community, your rap skills increase. Not just from rapping more, but when you enroll in our courses you learn strategies and methods to master all aspects of rap.
  • A 30-day free trial
    You have 30-days to join us and try it out for free. 
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Rhyme Masters Crew Community Features

Here are some of the features of the Rhyme Masters Crew Community.

  • Members-only community. No Trolls.
  • Distraction-Free Environment with personalized feeds and notifications
  • Courses to master your rap skills
  • A Weekly rapping event for you to rap together with people who love to rap.
  • Collaboration sessions for you to create dope music
  • Practices to expand your self-awareness
  • and much more...
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What Folks are Saying

Desmond is one of a kind. I have worked with many people in music, but none will care more about your progress than Desmond. It’s never criticism with him; it’s always constructive feedback. I felt comfortable sharing my deepest writings with him. Since we started working together, my progress has been immeasurable. I highly recommend Desmond for anyone who is starting out in the game or has been rapping for a while but wants to get better.

B. Good
Rapper. Guitarist. Writer. from NYC, US

You conducted a Youtube live stream coaching session a few weeks back where I introduced myself and freestyled for a bit. The feedback that I received was incredibly valuable and helped me create a lot of new music. I took the idea of allowing myself to be "wack" to heart and decided that I needed to be vulnerable which is rooted in imperfection. That's when I started a series on Facebook and IG called Project Freestyle. Since then, I've seen so much growth and development in my artistry and I have you to thank for that. It's important for me to share this content with you so you can see the results of your contribution.

Jermaine Scott-Butler
Hip Hop Artist | Producer

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Hey, I am Desmond Spann. Your Host.

I still can't believe it! 

Even as a dad, husband, and teacher, I rap professionally. I perform as a solo artist and with my band Speaker Minds. I have published a collection of rap verses. I am recognized as a teacher of freestyling and emceeing. 

And if you told me that I would become a freestyle rap and emceeing teacher, back when I was in High School, I would have said you're crazy. 

Because in high school, I wanted to rap. I wanted to freestyle. But, I was extremely scared to rap. I didn't know what to rap about. I didn't like my voice. I thought my life was just too boring to write about. In high school, the struggles of my life were about passing quizzes, not surviving street life. 

I was a shy teen with a lack of self-confidence, so I believed I could not brag about anything. Even if I liked my voice, who would want to hear what I have to say?

Fully convinced I would just be making beats, I started performing spoken word poetry at Friday Night open mics during my college years at Fisk University. One Friday night open mic session, my life changed.

I found myself in the parking lot. The other poets circle up, and they began freestyling. I was in the circle with them, and all of a sudden, all the fear and doubt holding me back from freestyle rapping finally lifted. 

I freestyled confidently and felt the rush and joy of creating rhymes off the top of your head. I can say this was the moment when I became an Emcee. This is the moment I realized I am on my journey to master the craft of rap.

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